The most positive customer service interactions start with live support.

Our inbound outsourcing services enable your company to remain accessible to customers 365 days a year. Customers anticipate a reaction when they contact you. Whether they contact you by phone, live chat, text, or email, they need you. If you are unable to attend, we can. We offer scalable, incoming call center services at incredibly low costs to companies of all sizes.


What tasks can an inbound call center perform?

Many of the same business tasks that a person in your own office can complete can be performed by an inbound call center. They take messages, handle incoming phones, respond to questions from callers, dispatch emergencies, arrange appointments, and place orders, to mention a few. It is more affordable to outsource these duties to our call center company than to add more employees internally. With Virtual Helper, 24-hour live coverage is available for as little as $34 a month, giving you access to over 300 agents to answer your calls without having to worry about overhead expenditures like insurance and benefits.

Additionally, your incoming call center workforce is typically available 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, compared to your in-office staff's 24/7 availability. Whatever the size of your company, outsourcing to our call center is a cost-effective approach to boost customer service, boost office efficiency, and strengthen your brand.

Why use Virtual Helper as a vendor?

In addition to lowering costs, outsourcing allows your small business to focus on expansion rather than worrying about handling the additional customer service contact points that come along with growth. Virtual Helper outsourcing enables you to:

  • Provide 24-hour client service
  • Utilize challenging security certifications like PCI and HIPAA compliance.
  • Utilize the knowledge of a sizable inbound call center.
  • Open up fresh incoming channels like text response and live chat

Which sectors gain from utilizing an inbound call center service?

Medical practices and service firms, which require round-the-clock on-call availability, may come to mind when people think of enterprises that are the ideal prospects for outsourcing. However, the truth is that using a call center may be advantageous for all kinds of enterprises. For instance, attorneys who spend the entire day in and out of court or meeting with clients may not always be able to answer the phone. When it comes to e-commerce, 24 hour customer support helps you stand out from the crowd. Utility firms can stand out in a sector where hour-plus delays are typical by offering shorter hold times.

First-time callers may decide whether or not to hire you or continue doing business with you based on whether or not a live person answers the phone. If your office personnel is unable to be accessible 24 hours a day, we can.

We can assist any business in any industry.

Your business might profit from our inbound call center service if you have clients or understand that providing excellent customer service is one of the key elements in a company's growth. Please explore the various call center-using sectors to learn more about the customized incoming call center solutions we have created.

Please get in touch with us.

Do you think your company will benefit from our inbound call center services? Do you require more details about our business, technology, and infrastructure? We have the solutions to your questions. If you get in touch with us, we'll get back to you with more information about our inbound solutions and how we can support your brand.

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